Who Are We?

IPTVsubs is an online streaming subscription service provider. We are based around the world and supply stable IPTV streams to various countries. Our network engineers deliver high quality digital media and to entertain to our loyal customers. Our strong support team and technical expertise has allowed us to be one of the most popular IPTV streams available worldwide through any AVOV, Infomir (MAG), Kodi and Android devices. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter to see our latest updates and news from our team.

What We Do?

Our company provides IPTV subscription services straight to your set-top box device through the internet. This includes AVOV, Infomir (MAG), Kodi and Android devices. We give customers direct exclusive access to 500+ standard and HD channels, ranging from sports, movies and popular TV shows.  Stream your favorite channels straight from your home.

Starting at a low of $13 per month, get full access to our channels. We pride ourselves in maintaining quality streams and outstanding technical support. Get connected now!

Need Support?

We understand the need for support during your activate subscriptions. This is why we have streamlined all our contact/support inquires through our Support Center, which we have concluded is more dedicated and efficient. The support team at IPTVsubs is working diligently to properly reply to all requests made in a timely manner to ensure you do not have any offline issues with our services provided to you as the customer. We kindly ask for 24-48 reply time due to the general high volume of inquiries. Rest assure, if you have any problems or concerns please don’t hesitate to open a support ticket immediately and one of our support team members can help you out.

What We Offer with our IPTV Subscription Services


All you need is a High Speed Internet connection to enjoy our Premium IPTV Service. IPTV has never been simpler with channels from all around the world.


With IPTVsubs subscription you can enjoy hours of Video on Demand in full HD without the need for any additional subscriptions, it is all part of your package.


If your internet downstream bandwidth is higher than 3 Mbit/s, you can enjoy a full HD experience from 720p and 1080p content effortless to your TV.


Our IPTV service is designed to be cost effective leveraging your existing internet connection with hundreds of channels available for you to enjoy!

Supported Devices