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Cyber Monday 2016 – Multiple Connections Allowed (expired)

By November 28, 2016Coupons

Cyber Monday deal 

We are allowing multiple connections on any of our monthly subscriptions for a limited time for this Cyber Monday Deal. Purchase your subscription today!

Please use coupon “2connections” (expired)

Works for new customers only or customers who recently purchased a new subscription after November 24th 2016. If you purchase another 1,3,6,12 month subscription you will automatically have that 2 connection feature applied for both registrations and extensions.


ONLY APPLIES FOR KODI USERS (If you purchased for a STB device. You may request a refund)


  • Mel James says:

    Are you allowing customers with Multiple TV, to use the Iptv Subs on more than 1 device at a time, I have customers who might have 3 to 5 TV in their home, what do you suggest, I going to proceed as a Reseller, now that it is available. Just purchase a package that fits, and get started, I like that. Mel

  • tonyn120686 says:

    I purchased service on November 24th, how can I get the cyber Monday deal, thanks

  • Terry McCutcheon says:

    So when I renew in January will I be allowed multiple connections?

  • Robin B says:

    Hi current subscriber on 6 month sub, and re-upped with Black Friday discount yesterday for another 6 months. I would hope I am eligible for two tv’s then.


  • Kesneil says:

    I just purchased how do I get it connected to another box I put the code in

  • NAZARENE says:

    I just purchased a year subscription today with 25% off “blackfriday deal”, will I still get multiple connections?

    • IPTVSubs says:

      If you purchase another Kodi 1,3,6,12 month subscription you will automatically have that 2 connection feature applied for both registrations and extensions.

  • Yogafire says:

    If I purchase a 6 months subscription right now when I am already currently subscribed to 3 months.

    Will my subscription extend to 9 months or 6 months?

    • IPTVSubs says:

      If you bought the 3 month after November 24th, 2016 your subscription will extend to 9 months. If you are an existing customer before November 24th 2016, you will receive 6 month subscription and still have your 3 month subscription. (You will have two accounts – 3 month and 6 month subscription)

  • Aleks says:

    Hi, I purchased a sub for another device on Nov 25th (new login and password). Will that purchase be valid for 2 devices?


    • IPTVSubs says:

      You will have to purchase another monthly sub and your subscription will have the multi device connection feature applied.

  • Chris says:

    I paid for 2 connection using code last night and it’s only working on one tv the other keeps cutting off

  • martin says:

    is the 2 connections for kodi only valid with the same ip address?

  • Julien says:

    Hi, I just purchase a 1 year subscription for Kodi with the 2connections coupon. My billing statement doesn’t mention the 2 connections. How do I know if I have the 2 connections? (I can’t test it out as I’m about to purchase the 2nd device).
    Thank you.

    • IPTVSubs says:

      If you used the coupon “2connections” You will have that feature applied automatically for your kodi account. If two accounts do not work, open a support ticket 🙂

  • Richard says:

    I’m an existing 12 month subscriber and half way into my sub. I would like the benefits of two connections . If I purchase s month sub would I get my year sub updated to 2 connections?

    • IPTVSubs says:

      It’ll be a totally new account as we did not migrate our existing subscribers as of yet. We will be working on this on the coming weeks. We will be offering our existing customers some deals as-well for sticking with us for a long time 🙂

  • Teo says:

    Hello, Is the ‘2connections’ cyber monday still available?

  • Andy says:

    I did the 1 day free trial and I really like the service, but I tried using the 2connections coupon but it doesn’t work. I have 2 Amazon Fire TV with Kodi, If I purchase a 6 month service will I get the 2 connections automatically or it will only work with the coupon?

    • IPTVSubs says:

      That coupon has now expired. We’ve extended the blackfriday coupon till December 4th, 2016. Use coupon: “blackfriday16”

      • Andy says:

        Will I be able to connect to 2 devices or the “blackfriday16” coupon will only give me 25% off.

  • Louis says:

    I did the 1 day free trial yesterday, and I did not know that it was the last day of the 2connections.
    Can I still get that deal if I purchase the 1 year sub?

  • George Vereczkey says:

    Opened an account but never go and e-mail so I could confirm my e-mail address.
    Now I can’t open my account because I get the following message:
    “account confirmation required”
    Can someone advise what to do next?