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1. CrystalOTT

2. Trex Server

3. Magnum Server

4. Dino TV Server

5. MegaOTT

We’re an authorized distributor to all these servers, which means we’re the safest & cheapest reseller panels provider.

Best 3 IPTV Reseller Panels 2022


Screenshot inside the crystal panel
Screenshot inside the Crystal reseller panel


Screenshot inside the Megaott panel
Screenshot inside the Megaott reseller panel

Magnum OTT

Screenshot inside the Magnum OTT reseller panel

IPTV Panels Overview

NameCrystalott serverMegaott serverMagnum OTT server
Credits1 credit = 1 year1 credit = 1 year 30 credit = 1 year
Free TrialsUnlimited a dayUnlimited a day50 per day
Price10 credits = $19910 credits = $199300 credits = $220
IPTV panel’s overview

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