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– We are using this panel since our lunch in 2016

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Experience the pinnacle of IPTV streaming with our advanced IPTV Panel. With its inception in 2016, our IPTV service has been continuously evolving and improving, driven by the commitment to deliver exceptional streaming quality and stability.

While we may not boast the highest number of channels, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled viewing experience with superior stream quality and robust stabilization.

Each feature of our IPTV Panel has been meticulously refined over the years to ensure a seamless and immersive viewing experience for our users.

Choose our IPTV Panel and embrace the future of high-quality, stable, and hassle-free IPTV streaming.

Panel Features

High stream quality

Stream Quality

Discover a world-class IPTV experience that boasts an impressive 5.155 live TV channels, of which 99% are fully operational and offer 4K, FHD, HD quality.

VOD (video on demand)

VOD Collection

Our panel provides access to an extensive library of 17.750 multi-lingual movies and 6.390 series, both with and without subtitles, catering to diverse viewing preferences.

Live TV channels


Unlike other panels that may offer 20.000 channels with only 1 out of 9 functioning, our focus is on the seamless delivery of quality over quantity.

EPG program

EPG / TV Catch-UP

Our IPTV Panel provides an EPG and a 7-day Catch-up feature, ensuring your clients never miss out on their preferred shows and weekly events.

Our commitment to continuously enhance your viewing experience is demonstrated by our weekly refresh system, ensuring the addition of the latest released movies and series, while also promptly resolving any issues.

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