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There are many other features to discover, what are you still waiting for? buy your subscription and try the app.

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IPTV Subs Player – FAQ

IPTV Subs Player is a powerful and fast OTT streaming APK that allows users to watch their IPTV subscription with a unique and friendly interface that’s easy to use.

IPTV Subs Player is made by the IPTV Subs developers which means this app works only with our subscriptions, if you got an IPTV subscription from any provider else the app won’t work.

The app requires a special Username and Password that we only provide.

Now, IPTV Subs Player is available for Android users only ( We’re working to add other OS )

IPTV Subs Player is a free-forever app, we will never do a premium version. All future updatedes and improvements will be available for everyone for free.


  • Movies, Series, Live TV
  • Userfriendly Layout/UI
  • Fast & Flexible
  • Only username/password required
  • EPG auto-generated
  • Built-in player
  • Ability to add external Player
  • Switch between 10 languages
  • Support: Continue Watching
  • Support: Play the next episode
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All in One Player

Step 1: Download the app and open it

Step 2: Enter your username and password, click login and wait for a one-time loading for 40 seconds. If you don’t have a username and password you can buy yours from here:

Buy an IPTV subscription

and wait 5 – 30 minutes to receive it in your email.

That’s it enjoy your time 😊😁.